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High performance webserver for your website

Success of your website not just depends on layout, programming and usuability but is also significantly influenced by the speed the site loads at. Our redundant setup high speed webservers make sure your site loads rapidly. Nevertheless you don┤t need to pass on with extra comfort, because all our hosting packages include support for PHP, Perl, CGI-scripts, Real-Video/Audio streaming applications, a sophisticated backup-system, E-Mail virusscan and lots of additional features leave nothing to be desired.

  • Virtual Webservers
    Our virtual Webserver packages will always fit your needs, whether you want to host a small website with just a few megabyte of webspace or a multi-language database-driven site with hundreds of pages. All webserver-packages include the same services. The traffic generated when your visitors few your pages are included in the monthly rental.

  • Domain-Registrations
    We can register all available top-level domains on your behalf, as well the standard .de or .com/.net/.org domains but also foreign country domains. Find detailed information on pricing and special terms and conditions if they apply on this page.

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