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Partner and memberships

Everyone knows that it┤s easier to achieve an aim when teaming up with others, that┤s why we are a member in a number of societies and participate in internet exchanges to be able to always offer the best services to our clients.

We are a member of RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens), the organisation that is responsible for allocating ip addresses across Europe. Thus we can always provide the ip addresses required by our customers, take them from our own ip address space or order provider independent (PI) ip addresses or AS numbers as required for BGP routing.

RIPE Homepage

eco - Society of the german internet industry
The eco forum - society of the german internet industry sees itself as stakeholder and patron of all companies that make profit out of the internet. It represents all companies in politics, enhances the communication between all market participants and helps them with promoting their products.

eco Homepage

LIPEX - London Internet Providers Exchange
The LIPEX Internet Exchange founded back in October 2001 and available in 6 POPs in the London area is one of the fastest growing Internet Exchanges or Peering Points in Europe. Our british subsidiary WEBDISCOUTN UK Ltd. is connected to LIPEX since April 2006 and brings perfect connectivity to almost any internet service provider in Great Britain into our network.

LIPEX Homepage



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